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2024 Grants Workshop

A FREE workshop for local nonprofits seeking CCCF Grants will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday May 21st at the Cass County Community Foundation building, 729 E. Market Street and will last less than one hour. The workshop is free and will discuss changes for organizations wishing to apply for the 2024 Grants. The Opportunity Grants Program designed to accommodate grant requests of less than $5,000 will also be discussed with program guidelines

and deadlines for submission.


Deanna Crispen. CCCF president & CEO stressed that, “we are urging all non-profit organizations who intend to apply for either program to have a representative at the workshop. While attendance is not mandatory, those attending will learn about the application process which we hope will result in a more complete application and better results for our nonprofits. We will also announce the amount of funding available at this workshop.”


Space is limited so those planning to attend must call CCCF at 574-722-2200 for reservations.


Grant applications and instructions may be picked up at the CCCF office, 729 E. Market Street, downtown Logansport, or downloaded from the Foundation website ( after the workshop.


For information about the application process, contact the CCCF office at 574-722-2200.

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