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2024 Gates Discovery Award applications open

The Cass County Community Foundation is excited to announce that applications are now being accepted for the third cohort of students to receive the Richard & Rose Gates Discovery Award for high school summer enrichment programs. 


The Gates Discovery Award was established in 2022 to assist talented high school students wishing to improve their skills through intensive summer programs. The first award was presented to Ian Hook in spring of 2022 and allowed him to attend two summer music sessions at the renown Berkley School of Music. In 2023, three students received awards and attended programs in dance, healthcare, and music.


The awards are available to students attending Cass County high schools who have completed their freshmen year but not graduated high school and are accepted to a summer program in the field of academics or leadership. Preference will be given (but not limited) to students accepted at a summer program in the field of engineering, art, music, science, or leadership. Enthusiasm and interest in the summer program will be the most important criterion for acceptance, followed by financial need. Academic standing may also be considered depending on the program.


The applications are available in the high school guidance offices and by calling the foundation at 574-722-2200. The deadline to submit is April 30, 2024, and awards will be based individually on the program costs.


Richard Gates was a 1947 graduate of Lucerne High School who enlisted in the Army in 1948. After serving his country for three years, he returned home to Indiana and was awarded a scholarship to attend the Acme School of Tool & Design Technology in South Bend. The scholarship led to a 30-year career as a senior tool design engineer working in the aerospace, missile, rail, machine, and automotive industries. Richard specifically worked on the development of the Boeing 747, navy radar, Trident missile systems, F-15 fighter program, and the NASA space shuttles.


Richard and his wife, Rose had many opportunities to visit and explore new places but, they loved their quiet life in Royal Center. When they both passed away within months of each other, The Richard and Rose Gates Educational Endowment was created to help students in the community they loved and called home. The Gates Discovery Award is only one of the opportunities created by their generosity.


For more information or if you have questions, please contact Deanna Crispen, President & CEO, Cass County Community Foundation Inc. 574-722-2200.

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