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$250,000 to Emmaus




Mike Anderson was a well-known businessman and philanthropist in Cass County and northern Indiana. He was always open to listening to the needs of our community and helping where he could. Between his business awards and accolades as a community partner, Mike was recognized as the epitome of a community leader. When he passed on September 1, 2019, our community lost a great champion, but Mike left a legacy through the Cass County Community Foundation that will continue his philanthropy and improve lives through two funds established with his trust, the Daniel C Anderson Donor Advised Fund, and the Kathryn Anderson Props Donor Advised Fund. 


The Foundation is excited to announce that the very first grant from the Katy Anderson Props Fund is a $250,000 gift to the Emmaus Mission Shelter for  extensive remodeling and windows. Jason Mitchell, Shelter Executive Director said, “At Emmaus, we strive to provide the best care and support to those who reach out to us for assistance. The gift made possible through the Kathryn Anderson Props Fund will allow us to make monumental improvements to our homeless shelter that will last for decades to come. We are deeply thankful for this amazing opportunity to enhance the lives of hundreds of unsheltered people who just need a place like ours to rest and rebuild. God bless you!”


Deanna Crispen, CCCF President & CEO said,“ We are so humbled by Mike’s generous gift and his desire to enable his children to continue to make a difference here in Cass County and northern Indiana. These two funds will have the capacity over the next few years to make significant impact in our community.”


For more information or if you have questions, please contact Deanna Crispen, President & CEO, Cass County Community Foundation Inc. 574-722-2200 or Jason Mitchell, Emmaus Mission Shelter, 574-739-0107.






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